Purpose Crunch…

Living a life of purpose – crunch is defined as a crucial point or situation, typically one at which a decision with important consequences must be made and also to process large amounts of information or perform operations of great complexity.

Peighton and DadMy name is Jason Reynolds and I am trying to live a life of purpose – on purpose. PurposeCrunch.com is my way of doing that – focusing on what is important in my life. I hope you will get something out of my mind-wandering, too. I am trying to live a life that matters – to me, to God, and maybe even to someone else in the process.

What tags would I place on myself?  Christian, Husband, Father, Friend, Idea Guy, Over-Thinker…

How would others tag me?  Funny, Instigator – “The Spoon,” Emailer…

How would my grandmother refer to me?  Whippersnapper, Smirker, Worthless…

My purpose(s) in life…

  • Make people laugh
  • Inspire others to do good, to do well
  • Motivate – inspire others to action
  • Write / Create
  • Serve God
  • Serve Family
  • Show compassion for those that are hurting / suffering
  • Lead
  • Organize
  • Tell people what is blowing up in my heart right now
  • Help people fall in love with Jesus
  • Ideas!
  • Follow Christ
  • Make an impact through radical obedience
  • Live purposefully
  • Succeed so others can


2 responses to “About”

  1. Clayton Avatar

    I am very familiar with that picture, Jason. Well done.

    1. Jason Reynolds Avatar
      Jason Reynolds

      Thanks – I hope it still scares you in your bathroom.

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