You’re My Girl

Things every father needs to communicate to his daughter…

  1. You are loved
    1. You don’t need to earn love
    2. No one will love you like your daddy does
    3. You don’t have to do anything for someone to love you!
    4. You don’t have to be anything special for someone to love you!
  2. You are treasured
    1. You worth is beyond measure
    2. You were the most precious girl I had ever met the day you were born – there is nothing you did to earn that
  3. You are God’s own creation
    1. God created you the way you are
    2. God loves you as you are
    3. God isn’t an overbearing father who is waiting for you to fail – grace!
    4. God will always be there – will never fail you
  4. You won’t be made complete by another person
    1. I know everyone quotes Tom Cruise with the whole, “You complete me…” that’s a bunch of crap. You are not made complete by anyone else in this world. You complete you!
    2. People are inconsistent – People will let you down
    3. No man will ever be able to fill your cup every day – it is impossible. You must learn to fill your own cup.
    4. Be confident, content, and happy being alone.
  5. Be you!
    1. There is nothing better than you being you. Own it!
    2. Don’t compromise
    3. Be authentic
  6. You belong when you are true to who you are (Maya Angelou and Brene Brown)
    1. Being true to yourself is the only time you will ever truly belong
    2. People will come to you when you are true to yourself – don’t move your feet for others – stand your ground
  7. Learn stuff that you don’t necessarily care about
    1. Know the difference between Star Wars and Star Trek – main characters
    2. Know the basic rules of baseball and football
    3. Be able to pick out different kinds of cars
  8. Be smart! Intelligent, too.
    1. Street smarts
    2. Don’t eat the yellow snow
    3. Always be aware of your surroundings
    4. Book smart – READ! Broaden your mind
    5. Pretty ain’t enough
  9. Experience Life
    1. Stop taking so many pictures, enjoy where you are
    2. Travel
    3. Experience people that are different than you
  10. Comparison is the thief of joy
    1. Social media can be fun, but it can also ruin you
  11. Self-sufficiency
    1. Learn to change a tire
    2. Know how to use power tools
    3. Learn how to unclog a toilet
    4. Know how to cook the basics
    5. Learn how to fish
    6. Learn how to pitch a tent
  12. Hold out for Mr. Right
    1. You are worth the wait!
    2. Never date a man who is rude to waiters, doesn’t say “bless you” when you sneeze, or won’t offer you his jacket when you’re cold.
    3. If he doesn’t open your door – then close the door on him
    4. You can’t change people
    5. When it comes to men who are romantically interested in you, it’s really simple. Just ignore everything they say and only pay attention to what they do.
    6. Always remember, what he says is who he’s trying to be. What he does is who he is.
    7. Don’t let a man change you
    8. Don’t ever lower your standards for a man – be patient.
    9. Never allow a man to disrespect you or verbally abuse you and of course, never allow a man to physically abuse you. That’s not a man.
  13. Understand that marriage is a lifelong commitment and takes a lot of work
    1. Never marry a man unless you are certain you would be proud if you have a son who turns out just like him.
    2. Always work on your relationship. Don’t ever think everything is fine if you are not fighting or arguing. There is always room for improvement.
    3. Marry your best friend
  14. Be intentional – Have Purpose!
  15. Love God and Love Your Neighbors
    1. Have compassion like Christ
    2. Stand up for something – stand against injustice and stand up for the oppressed
    3. I’ve never wanted to tell you this too often, because I don’t want to discourage you from doing well in school, but honestly I don’t care if you ever go to college – I only care that you end up going to Heaven. Your soul is worth so much more than anything else! Anything!
  16. Have fun! My goodness, this life is way too serious!
  17. Forget the past
    1. People will hurt you, don’t let them continue to hurt you after the event is over
    2. Don’t dwell on or live in the past
    3. Guilt will kill you – allow yourself to be forgiven
  18. Set boundaries
    1. In dating, at work, with friends
  19. Do things that make you uncomfortable – you will grow
    1. Bravery is not a lack of fear
  20. Don’t be afraid to end up “just like your mother” – she ain’t that bad! 🙂
  21. Real beauty will never fade
  22. Dream!
    1. Don’t give up on your dreams
    2. Never stop dreaming
  23. Don’t settle
    1. Don’t settle in life
    2. Don’t settle for some guy
    3. Don’t settle in work
    4. Don’t settle with friends
  24. Create your own community
    1. Find the people that matter most
    2. Be willing to be vulnerable with your true friends
  25. Family matters
    1. Family of choice vs. family of consequence
    2. God’s family
  26. Always have good manners
    1. Remember to write thank you notes – Thank you notes are to be written promptly by hand on personal stationery. E-mails, phone calls and text messages don’t count.
    2. Say please and thank you
  27. Be careful what you post…
    1. When posing for any photos, assume that the only people who will see them are me, your mother, your boss, and the dean of admissions.
  28. Life is short – order dessert first
  29. Be friends with the weird kids
    1. Don’t worry about being popular. The “weird” kids are much more fun and will end up being your most interesting friends. Also, when it comes to friends, you can’t trump quality with quantity. Choose wisely.
  30. Be giving – generous
    1. Give charitably, generously, and anonymously.
    2. It takes very little to make a difference sometimes
  31. Always be honest – Never cheat
    1. Never cheat. Not on exams, the crossword puzzle, or your boyfriend.
  32. Love!
    1. If you love someone – tell them
    2. Don’t wait to buy something special for them (like flowers at a funeral)
  33. Be loyal
    1. Pick a team and stick with them. There are few things more important in life than loyalty. It’s a dying trait currently in short supply.
    2. Be loyal to your friends
    3. Be loyal to yourself
  34. Keep growing
    1. Learn from the bad as well as the good. Fall down, make a mess, break something occasionally. And always remember that the story is never over.
  35. No pity-parties
    1. Everyone has a dysfunctional family
    2. Everyone is going through something
  36. Some things you don’t skimp on…
    1. Have a good umbrella
    2. Buy a car that is reliable
    3. Wear good shoes (especially if running)
  37. Stay in good shape
    1. Not because you want to look like the anorexic models – because you care about you
    2. Take care of your body (you only get one)
    3. Eat well – eat healthy, but eat candy, too! Candy is so good!
  38. Finances
    1. Save 25% of every check you receive
    2. Be generous
    3. If it isn’t at least 50% off, then it really isn’t on sale
    4. You aren’t taking any of it with you – enjoy stuff and experiences (especially with others)
    5. Always pay cash – Dave Ramsey
    6. Always put yourself in a place where you could stand to lose your job
  39. You are good enough!
  40. Listen to your heart and follow your instincts
  41. Don’t be too proud to admit when you are wrong or you need help
  42. Always make sure there is toilet paper before you sit down
  43. Crying is not shameful – it is healthy
  44. Laugh!
    1. It is truly the best medicine
    2. Have a great sense of humor
    3. Don’t take yourself too seriously
    4. Laugh so hard it hurts!  Even if you snort a little.
  45. Always look people in the eye and have a firm handshake
  46. Never lend money to anyone
    1. If someone is in need – give it to them, don’t lend it expecting anything to come back to you
  47. Take care of what you have
    1. You may not always have the best of everything, but take the best care of what you do have
  48. Be kind
    1. And never let someone else’s bad behavior towards you EVER change who YOU want to be and what you know is true and right for you.
    2. Be kind to animals
    3. Be kind to people
  49. No sex before marriage – period
    1. You will never regret saying, “No!”
  50. Be firm in what you believe
    1. Don’t be afraid to change your position on something, but don’t bend on what you believe
    2. Be open minded
  51. Do what you love
    1. Don’t ever feel trapped in a position
  52. Be able to play like a girl with the boys
    1. Know how to throw a baseball and a football
    2. Throwing like a girl is fine
  53. If you can’t play music – always listen to it!
  54. Learn to swim!
  55. Get dirty
    1. Get some grease under your nails
    2. Roll down that grassy hill
  56. Know that you can always come home!
    1. You will always belong!
  57. Know that I trust you! It’s just hard to give up some control!
  58. Listen more than you talk!
  59. Ice cream does make things better
  60. Always be the better, the bigger person
  61. If you’re going to get a tattoo – get it where no one can see it unless you want them to
 * Photo by Caleb Jones on Unsplash






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