20 Things Wives Are Attracted To

Gentlemen, start your wives’ engines…

I’ve given you some insider info into the mind of husbands (it’s a scary place to go). Since I don’t know anything about how a woman’s mind works, nor would I really want to, I’ve had to rely on a list my wife helped make up with the help of some well-respected women. They gave me the ideas, I added the unnecessary commentary for each one. Enjoy!

These are 20 things that wives find attractive in their husbands…


1. Watching them with their kids

Wives are attracted to a husband that has a strong nurturing relationship with his children. A wife wants to see a husband that desires to spend quality time with their children. If he has a daddy’s girl – bonus!


2. When the husband leads

Wives want a husband that will lead them. If a wife is to be submissive, you have to give her something to submit to. Lead your wife! They are attracted to husbands that lead in the home with the family, at work, in the community, and at church.


3. Caring for others – taking interest

It might not seem all that macho, but wives are attracted to a husband who has a genuine concern for other people. They desire a man that has a heart like Jesus – one who is interested in the well-being, physically and spiritually, of all those he encounters.


4. Being a real man

Sounds a little silly, but wives are attracted to “real men.” A wife enjoys seeing her husband being handy, fixing stuff, sweating, chopping wood, working in the yard. Men, be men!


5. Confidence

The last thing a wife desires is a man that is a prideful jerk, but she is attracted to a man with confidence. It can be a delicate balance, but be confident.


6. How others respect him

Husbands, what other people feel, think, and say about you is important to your wife. You may not care half the time what other people think about you, but your wife does. Wives are attracted to husbands that others respect. They are attracted to men that their friends think highly of and would recommend being with.


7. Growth as a Christian

Spirituality is important to your wife. A wife is attracted to her husband’s growth as a Christian. Husbands must continue to grow and mature and be more like Jesus every day. Your growth should be evident to all, but especially to your wife.


8. Work ethic

Hard-working husbands are attractive. Wives don’t want a lazy bum for a husband. Whether it is how hard you work getting class material together to teach at church, how hard you work to provide for the family, or whatever it is you work at – have a strong work ethic.


9. Protective

Husbands should protect their wives. Make them feel safe. Protect the family. Don’t let others talk poorly about your wife, don’t let anyone treat your loved ones bad. You must protect this house!


10. Chivalry

Despite the feminist movements, wives still want their husbands to show some chivalry, whether it’s opening doors, pumping gas for them, or whatever else you can think of. Attract your wife by treating her the way she deserves.


11. Having everything together

As much as your wife may have been attracted to you as a hot mess way back when, because you were charming in your own special way, she is now attracted to you having everything together. Get your act together.


12. Eyes

Kind, gentle, loving eyes. Look your wife in the eyes every once in a while when you tell her that you love her.


13. Way he treats his mom

Women are attracted to men that treat their mothers well, their grandmothers well, her mother well. A husband that still buys his mom flowers is quite attractive to a wife. Husbands, continue to show proper respect for all the women in your life.


14. Sense of humor

I hope there is nothing more attractive than a sense of humor, because honestly that’s about all I have going for me, so I am adding this to the list. Chicks dig funny guys. Wives are attracted to a good sense of humor – life is serious enough – have some fun.


15. Handsome

I think this is still an important one – men don’t let yourselves go, stay physically attractive for your wife. I know we think this is more of an issue for men, but wives want to be physically attracted to their husbands, too. Luckily for men we get better looking with age.


16. Makes you feel special

Do you remember when you would drive 10 hours just to spend 1 day together? Would you still do that? Tell her that you love her. Show her that you love her. Make her feel special. Keep dating her.


17. Provider

Wives would like to be provided for. They are attracted to men that will provide for their families, not just financially, but providing for their safety and their spiritual welfare and that of their children, too.


18. Tells you that you look nice

What wife wouldn’t like to hear that she looks nice? I think this is a part of the “maintaining positive illusions” thing that we must continue to work on together. The more we focus on how nice our wife looks, the better off we will be.


19. Little things

Attract your wife with the little things. Get the coffee ready in the morning. Get the kids milk cups poured and sitting in the fridge. It’s generally not the big things that your wife is attracted to. Show her that you care through the little things you do.


20. Family first

A wife will certainly be attracted to a husband that puts her first. She will be attracted to a father that is willing to sacrifice, one who puts the whole family and their needs ahead of his himself and his wants.


Keep doing the work – it’s worth it!





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