What Beautiful Really Looks Like

Booty Does Not Equal Beauty

Every time you get online, go to a store, drive down the freeway, or turn on your TV you are inundated with images of what the world wants us to believe true beauty looks like. True beauty is not a 5’ 10″ tall leggy blonde with large breasts strutting down a runway in lingerie while wearing a pair of angel wings on her back. True beauty is not a woman bearing her body, backside or front side for other women to be jealous of and torture themselves to be like or for men to lust after, to sell them a product, or to just corrupt them completely.

Victoria’s Secret models are not true beauty. They definitely are not angels. Kim KarTRASHian is not beautiful. She is not a role model. She is not an ideal beauty. She is sickening.

Even as a man, who is supposed to think about sex every seven seconds and love seeing skin and booty all day long – I’m sick of it. I believe that a lot of men are sick of it. I don’t want some trashy woman that would share her assets with the whole world. I don’t even want to think about a woman like that. I don’t want my son to grow up thinking that true beauty is what the world wants him to believe it is. I want to, I want my son to… appreciate a truly beautiful woman – but it is difficult when the “beauty” of this world is thrown in your face so often.

I wish we could more effectively express to our daughters / young women / wives / older women what true beauty is. I wish that we could have as strong a voice as the fashion magazines, websites, and TV ads to tell girls and women everywhere that what really matters is “True Beauty.” I think we need to do a better job of describing what beautiful women look like.


What Does Beautiful Really Look Like?

So, let me tell you what beautiful really looks like…

I get up a little before 5:00 AM (when I go into the office) and get ready as quietly as possible so my wife can keep sleeping. She’s tired and sleeps hard, because she generally gets more done in one day than I do in a week. Once she gets started – she doesn’t slow down until her head hits that same pillow again at night. I love her well-deserved “beauty rest.” Some mornings I don’t even kiss her goodbye if she doesn’t stir when I am headed out, just so she can keep sleeping.

I know that when beautiful wakes up, her day will be full from the second her feet hit the floor.

Full of…

  • Getting herself ready for the day – she makes every effort to even look good on the outside for her husband. Yes, I notice and I appreciate it – thank you.
  • Lunches that need to be made
  • Taking care of her husband’s dog
  • Running kids back and forth to different schools at different times
  • Errands for her husband, the kids, friends, my grandmother
  • Lunches, meet-ups, or breakfasts with friends that refresh her and them
  • Cleaning the house – there’s laundry to do, dishes that apparently don’t clean themselves, lots of tidying…
  • Who knows what else that she does that I fail to even see

She doesn’t sit still – there ain’t no idle in her. You know how cars have Drive, Neutral, and Reverse – this chick is all DRIVE – all DAY!


Beautiful Inside and Out

Don’t get me wrong – I am still a man. I am still physically attracted to my wife – that spark is still there, because she is beautiful to behold – not just in the “well it’s my wife and I have to say that” kind of way either – I mean the girl really is hot. What can I do? Don’t hate me, because she’s beautiful. 🙂

I think having physical attraction between a husband and wife is good, maybe even very important, at least initially. I think the Lord made men and women to be attracted to one another. Outward beauty is not bad to have – but it’s not everlasting.

I have learned over time though that the more I focus on my wife and her alone – the more beautiful she becomes. If I hold her up to standards that are different than what she is or even could be – I am setting us both up for failure.

You might not find my wife on the cover of any magazines, but she’s stunningly beautiful and she’s my cover girl. She still drives me crazy when she dresses up for me – she is gorgeous – even on the outside!

I wake up next to beautiful true beauty every single morning.

True beauty is everlasting.


How to Measure Beauty

Usually we hold women up to a Proverbs 31 kind of standard – I think Proverbs 31 should be held up to the True Beauty in my life, “…her worth is far above rubies.” Interestingly enough, the only reference to physical beauty in that description of the “virtuous wife” is mentioned at the very end in verse 30, “Charm is deceitful and beauty is passing, but a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised.” My Beautiful is something special.

Lasting beauty is…

  • Being a supportive wife – allowing her husband to have confidence in her and in himself – Proverbs 31:11-12, 23, 28
  • Being a loving mother who would be willing to sacrifice all she has for her children – Proverbs 31:15, 27-28
  • Being a sister that loves her brother and sister and wants nothing but the best for them – Proverbs 31:26
  • Being a daughter who holds her parents up and praises them for the good that they are – Proverbs 31:28
  • Being a spiritual sister that will do anything for a “sibling” – Proverbs 31:15, 19-20, 26
  • Being a servant to those in need – Proverbs 31:19-20


Truly Beautiful

Beautiful serves…

  • She serves her husband even on those rare days when he doesn’t deserve it
  • She serves her family knowing that the work is hard and the thank you’s don’t come often enough
  • She serves children at our kids’ schools, because she cares about them
  • She serves those with special needs, because her heart is kind
  • She serves teachers, because they serve all day long
  • She serves my grandmother and cousin, because Beautiful and I are one
  • She serves the community, because God wants her to
  • She serves the Lord and of course that is the underlying reason that she serves so many others so well

So, what does beautiful look like after her long hard day at work? She just sits around like her husband after a difficult day of giving 100% of herself to others, right? Nope. That’s what I would do, but not my beautiful wife.

Beautiful still has mouths to feed.

Beautiful still has friends to encourage.

Beautiful still has Bible lessons to be done.

Beautiful still has homework to help with.

I try to get beautiful to come to bed with me at night – a lot of nights she does, but some nights there is still work to do – so she stays up… while I sleep.

True beauty looks like…

  • A wife making dinner for a husband who doesn’t do even half of what she does during the course of a day
  • A mom cleaning up puke from the dog or the kids
  • A friend writing cards and talking on the phone ad nauseam even when she knows there is more she wants to get done around the house

I know what beautiful looks like!

I will always get ready as quietly as possible in the morning so my sleeping beauty can just keep sleeping. I love it when she gets her “beauty sleep.”

I wake up next to true beauty every single morning – and I hope that you do, too.

Thank you to my beautiful “perfect for me” wife for being a true beauty every single day! I love you!





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