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  • I Like Your Christ, Not Your Christians

    I Like Your Christ I personally do not know many people, if any, that would say that they don’t like Christ. It’s pretty hard not to like the only perfect man to ever walk the face of the Earth. Even if they don’t believe in Christ – they would be hard pressed not to like […]

  • From Survive to Thrive – Faith

    This is the fifth in a series of five articles on going From Survive to Thrive in our lives. The first article had some introductory sections in it. If you haven’t read those yet and would like to – click here – the page will open in a new window so you won’t lose this […]

  • Christian Veneer

    Veneer We use veneers in a number of different areas in our lives. Dental veneers are wafer-thin, custom-made shells of tooth-colored materials designed to cover the front surface of teeth to improve their appearance. Wood veneer is a thin decorative covering of fine wood applied to a coarser wood or other material to alter the […]

  • “New Normal” Christians – Part 1

    Part 1 of 2… “New Normal” Christians are different than the Christians that our grandparents were used to – different than the Christians our parents were probably used to – and maybe even different than what we are used to, and expecting, or even comfortable with. What is the “New Normal,” you might ask? To […]

  • Non-Traditional, Postmodern, Millennial Heretics

    Below you will find some of my mind-wanderings based on heartfelt concern I have for millennials (and others a little bit older) that are increasingly leaving active participation in the local church. My concern is for the ones that might be expediting the leaving though just as much as it is for the ones that […]

  • Who Are Your Peeps? Your Top 5 Influencers?

    Who Are Your Peeps? Who are the influencers in your life? I don’t know if “the kids” are still using the word ‘peeps’ to refer to the main people in their lives or not any more, but I am trying to stay hip and relevant in my teenage daughter’s life – so don’t fault me […]

  • Church and Sex – What We Keep Getting Wrong

    The church’s inability to handle the topic of sex appropriately continues to leave many Christians ill-prepared to handle sexual desires and temptations and is putting at risk many marriages before they even get started. The church is hurting itself through the many individual Christians that need proper guidance and aren’t getting it from the appropriate […]