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  • 20 Behaviors of Happy Successful Couples

    I think when I first got married I seriously believed that the passion, the puppy dog love, the “she’s perfect” all the time concept, the I can’t get enough of her – all of it would remain forever. Love makes you stupid. I thought that my wife and I would always have a hard time […]

  • Daddy Daughter Date Night

    Time Stinkin’ Flies Time goes sooooo quickly! I have a daughter that will turn 14 in a couple of weeks – if I let her. I know “old people” kept telling me when she was born that I should enjoy my time with her, because, “She’ll be gone before you know it.” But, I didn’t […]

  • 50 Date Night Questions to Ask Your Spouse

    Date Night Questions Do you remember the days when you were dating and you would spend hours on end talking to your future spouse? Do you remember when you would hang on every word they said, because you were excited just to be talking to them? You would let them talk while you were making […]

  • Date Your Spouse Before Someone Else Does

    Remember When? Do you remember how excited you were to date your spouse… before you were married?  Do you remember the butterflies you had in your stomach when you would pick up the phone to call or you would stop by and see your spouse… before you were married?  Do you remember all the crazy […]