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  • Life Changes in an Instant

    Have you ever been camping? It’s a lot of fun when you go with friends and families, especially young kids. We went this Fall with about 50 people in our group. One of the young girls with us, while playing, stumbled across a yellow jacket hole in the ground, she suffered 30+ stings. One of […]

  • Life is Like a Railroad Track

    Life is Like a… “Life is like a box of chocolates…” – I know, I’ve seen the movie… (like 20 years ago). I can picture Forrest Gump sitting on the bench saying it, too – but I can’t exactly remember what he meant by that line. Something about – you never know what you’re going […]

  • Life Lived on Purpose – Intentional Living

    I Didn’t Do it… On Purpose Have you ever had a kid just messing around in the living room break something doing something dumb they knew they shouldn’t do?  OK, or maybe it was your husband – let’s not focus on who actually did it.  🙂  What’s your child’s immediate response (excuse) when you run […]