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  • 20 Things Wives Are Attracted To

    Gentlemen, start your wives’ engines… I’ve given you some insider info into the mind of husbands (it’s a scary place to go). Since I don’t know anything about how a woman’s mind works, nor would I really want to, I’ve had to rely on a list my wife helped make up with the help of […]

  • 20 Things Husbands Are Attracted To

    Husbands and wives continue to evolve together and what they are attracted to in each other in a lot of ways changes over time as well. The things I was attracted to in my wife before we were married have changed. Some of them are the same, but even the things that have remained the […]

  • What Beautiful Really Looks Like

    Booty Does Not Equal Beauty Every time you get online, go to a store, drive down the freeway, or turn on your TV you are inundated with images of what the world wants us to believe true beauty looks like. True beauty is not a 5’ 10″ tall leggy blonde with large breasts strutting down […]

  • Date Your Spouse Before Someone Else Does

    Remember When? Do you remember how excited you were to date your spouse… before you were married?  Do you remember the butterflies you had in your stomach when you would pick up the phone to call or you would stop by and see your spouse… before you were married?  Do you remember all the crazy […]